Case Study

Adivo Swimwear

Marketing Video,

Ambassador Gear and

Website Development


Tom and Rory working with Adivo Swimwear to co-ordinate video shoots, develop an ecommerce store and deliver ambassador gear

We love getting out and about, and what better way to do it than by combing work and play. We planned and delivered 2 filming days with trusted content creators on the Great Barrier reef and the Gold Coast, with Adama playing director (and sometimes actors!). The team at Adivo Swimwear were great to deal with, and their products could potentially save your life or the life of someone you care about. They are a genuinely innovative company on a great mission – i’m sure we will be seeing more of them as their business grows!

Work Undertaken:

– Story boarding, Shot list creation, organising videographers, actors and equipment.

– Branding materials for Ambassador program

– Website creation and setup for potential ecommerce store


Building the market entry engine


Adivo had the innovation, the commercial application and strategy, but lacked the time to do any marketing for their business. They knew what they needed, but wanted to stick to their core skills in product design, engineering and investor relations. 




We love their products, so its easy to work hard into the night to give them a great solution. Rory was working from an isolated beach on a kiteboarding holiday in Aitutaki to get their shot list together and align the people to meet in Cairns for video shoot 1. We designed the requirements for an Ambassador program and delivered custom gear ranging from sunnies to backpacks to budgie smugglers. 


“Outsourcing our marketing to a team who could understand our business and goals was one of the best business decisions we’ve made”

Mitch Nissen | Co-founder | Adivo Swimwear

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