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If you're going to use digital marketing, utilise government funding
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Use the grant to secure two years of website updates with our revolutionary software EasyUpdate

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New technology giving cost-effective control your website

How it Works

About EasyUpdate

What is EasyUpdate?

Making it easier than ever to update your website, and be clear about what changes you want made.


Point and click website annotations

Point and click to comment on your website asking for changes. Upload files,  screenshot your view and set task urgency.


We receive your requests for website changes

As you request changes to your website, our developers jump in and make the changes within 48 hours.


Get weekly email notifications for all changes made

Once we make the change, you can comment back, in an ongoing conversation to make sure you are happy.


Never hire a developer or pay staff to update your website again

Currently, you might find yourself in lengthy conversations or emails chains requesting website updates only to be charged $150/hr. For $47 / month, simply point, click, and comment, then wait to see the changes.

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Prices are on  a basis of making yearly payments

Plans are subject to fair use terms. Please see these terms here.